Welcome! I'm Bekka, a watercolor artist, mother, entrepreneur, paper connoisseur, and drinker of Coke based in the metro-Detroit area of Michigan.  
see what i sea design began in 2011 when I was living on the island of Cyprus and craving good stationery.  Not able to find anything to my tastes, I began painting my own designs and transferring them to other products.   
Over the years, my paints have traveled with me through many countries and parts of the United States.  In 2019 I settled down in my hometown with my young daughter to create a fresh start for us.  The cataclysm of major life changes resulted in an era of my favorite work being produced.
My goal is to create beauty in the everyday, the simple things in life.  Making notepads beautiful enough that any to-do list seems enjoyable, and notecards that make us want to reach out to an old friend.  
A few notes about the products you see in the shop. All of them are designed by me.  The images were all originally painted by myself and are then digitally reproduced on the items for sale.  I scrutinize over paper finishes, envelope shades, packaging, and more so that you end up with something I'm not only proud of, but would use in a heartbeat.
I do take commissions, so feel free to email me for more information or click on the "house portrait" tab.
I'm so grateful you're here!