2024 botanical 5x7 desk calendar
2024 botanical 5x7 desk calendar
2024 botanical 5x7 desk calendar
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2024 botanical 5x7 desk calendar

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It is a truth I hold dear that there is beauty in everyday tasks.  This extends to keeping track of days.  Thus I strove to make a calendar that is not only functional, but truly beautiful.

The 2024 calendar includes an array of flowers, greens, nuts, berries, and fruit.  It is a celebration of nature and the change of seasons.  Each month features a reproduced painting, lovingly created by my hands.

These are an annual favorite for gifting.  For teachers, the friend, the in-law, the neighbor.  The list is endless and I'm so grateful it has become a tradition for so many!


Features of the calendar:

12 loose cards

month at a glance

12 watercolor botanical studies

each card measures  5x7 inches

printed on heavy stock

will fit standard frame or easel, not included. wood stand available


wood stand is handmade by me and my father out of cedar wood.  measures roughly 4.5 x 2 x 1.5 inches.


Will ship via USPS.