fuchsia blossom, watercolor
fuchsia study || 8x8-inch original painting
fuchsia study || 8x8-inch original painting
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fuchsia study || 8x8-inch original painting

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I give you the fuchsia. Best part of this painting for me? My daughter seeing the finished product and exclaiming, “Hey! We have those!!” And she’s right. We get my mom a fuchsia basket every year for Mother’s Day. She usually gets herself one as well!

What I learned:
- paint what your heart wants to paint.
- it takes a LOT of layers to get a bold color.
- I can do this!!
- work can also count as play.
- I love Lil’s reaction the most.
- look for the shapes, not what you think you see.


8x8-inch watercolor, colored pencil, graphite, and gouache on paper.  Sealed to prevent fading and smudging.


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