fig study || 8x8-inch original painting
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fig study || 8x8-inch original painting

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This fig was one of the earliest pieces I painted in these studies. Through December and most of January, I experienced major burnout. Mentally and physically, I was done. Painting felt like a burden and I was second guessing my worth as an artist. (And everything else for that matter...)

I finally broke the rut by just picking up the brush again. Painting whatever came to mind and just trying to paint for fun. This fig plant was one of the paintings that helped me breakthrough and get back in a groove.

What I learned:
- listen to yourself and respond accordingly.
- gouache can be a fun addition!
- pay attention to leaf shapes
- do things just because you like them sometimes.
- enjoy the process

8x8-inch watercolor, colored pencil, graphite, and gouache on paper.  Sealed to prevent fading and smudging.


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