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blueberry study || 8x8-inch original painting
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blueberry study || 8x8-inch original painting

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Have you ever seen the movie, “Contact”? It’s one of my favorites. While I was working on this piece I had the quote, “Small moves, Ellie,” running through my head.

Watercolor is a study of small moves. Painting one wash and letting it dry. Dabbing small amounts of paint into a wet area. It’s small moves, and I forget that a lot in my rush to just get a piece done.

Not with this one. I sat in the small moments with it. Let it be still and came back to it. So many lessons from such a tiny berry!


What I learned:

- savor each moment.

- you can paint in the evenings, even if it isn't your favorite.

- lots and lots of light layers.

- watch the highlights and shadows.

- creating is such a gift!

- be still.


8x8-inch watercolor, colored pencil, graphite, and gouache on paper.  Sealed to prevent fading and smudging.


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