afraid to sew || original 8x10 painting
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afraid to sew || original 8x10 painting

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My grandmother was a seamstress, not by trade, but necessity.  The mother of eight boys, she handmade their clothing and much more.  She made me playhouses, dress up clothes, and doll clothes as a girl, objects that I still cherish.  I remember spending hours with her in her sewing room, strands of loose thread speckling the crimson carpet. It was pure magic!

While I didn't inherit her gifts at the sewing machine, I feel her near me in my own creative process.  I can feel her smiling as I try to form something beautiful out of the trivial, much like she did.  And where she was surrounded by bits of string, so am I surrounded by sprawls of paper and the joy of creating lives on.

8x10 inches

watercolor on paper




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